Building tools for the greater good of RapidWeaver®.

We've been a part of the RapidWeaver® ecosystem for over 7 years. In that time we've shared a lot of what we've learned back to the other developers and the community as a whole.

Stand on the shoulders of giants, as they say — learn from what we've accomplished already and get the higher perspective.

  • We code

    Since 2005 we have developed web themes and stacks for the ever touted RapidWeaver® web authoring app. From AppleScript to XHTML, we love it all. Keep in check with our code trials here.

  • We share

    We are learning all the time, learning from those who have been gracious enough to share with us. To pay it forward, we promote learning through our blog, github or #kwdm.

  • We grow

    Coding isn't all we do. We also design, photograph, write and embark on anything entrepreneurial. Have an idea you think we'd be interested in? Contact us and let us know.