SS3: The built-in, "anything" slider.

In 2011 we launched the third iteration of an integrated slide show that we'd been putting in seyDesign RapidWeaver® themes since 2010. This third version, dubbed SS3, was also the first time we'd opened up the source for all developers to use in their own themes.

SS3 allows users to turn just about anything into a slide show. From built-in images, remote images, content, stacks and more!

SS3 icon

Basic features of SS3 by Adam Merrifield, 11 Sep 2012.

Note: All of these basic features can be found in the RapidWeaver Page Inspector under the Styles tab.

  1. Height (header/slide show)

    An SS3 enabled theme will likely have the option to set a header height. If using background images, simply chose a height that works best.

    When working with more engaging content, such text, text and images or stacks, it's likely best to use the variable height settings. The height will adjust to fit your content.

    header height
  2. Background (header/slide show)

    If you are not using SS3 or are using SS3 to rotate through content based slides, the background will serve as a backdrop to your slide show or ExtraContent. Otherwise, if you are using SS3 to rotate through built-in images, you can ignore this option.

    header height
  3. Slide show type

    The slide show type allows you to choose from Off, Content or a selection of preset internal sequences.

    • Off / Manual (snippet) - turns off the slide show unless the SlideNum or SlideWH snippets are detected.

    • Content (SlideBox snippet/stack) - enables the use of content slides created either with the SlideBox snippet or SlideBox stack.

    • Slides X to Y - enables the internal slide sequence using slides X (number representing starting slide) to Y (number representing ending slide).

    slide show type
  4. Slide show timeout

    Slide show timeout allows you to select the duration that any given slide in the sequence will be shown for, from a minimum of 4 seconds to a maximum to 20 seconds.

    slide show timeout
  5. Slide show effect

    Slide show effect allows you to choose from an assortment of transition animations that determine the how one slide will switch to the next.

    slide show effect
  6. Slide show speed

    Slide show speed controls the amount of time a transition takes. The shorter the time, the faster the animation is that switches one slide to the next.

    slide show speed
  7. Slide show settings

    Slide show settings are a collection of additional features that you can enable individually or en masse.

    • Auto stop - automatically stops the slide show once the last slide has been reached.

    • Navigation - displays left and right navigation arrows at either side of each slide.

    • Pager - displays pager buttons at the bottom of each slide.

    • Pause on hover - causes the slide show to pause the slide show when hovered over.

    • Random order - displays the slides in random order.

    slide show settings