ExtraContent: When you have more to say.

ExtraContent is a nearly ubiquitous technology found in most modern RapidWeaver® themes today. Since it was first introduced in 2008, ExtraContent has been one of the most sought after, most requested features of all time.

ExtraContent allows users to take their RapidWeaver® site beyond the usual sidebar/content layout and add content in places otherwise out of reach for RapidWeaver®.

ExtraContent icon

Using the ExtraContent Stack by Adam Merrifield, 6 Sep 2012.Download

  1. Download and install the ExtraContent add-ons.

  2. Open the Stack element panel.

  3. Search for "ExtraContent" in the panel's search field.

  4. Drag the ExtraContent stack on your page.

  5. Change the ExtraContent value in the settings.

  6. Add more stacks inside the ExtraContent stack and preview.

  7. Depending on your theme, your ExtraContent may now automatically appear, or there might be an option to turn the ExtraContent on or off.

  8. To add more content to more areas, simply repeat steps 1 through 6.